Friday, March 25, 2011

Random Acts of Colour

This is an experiment for a forthcoming yarnbombing project. Don't know where for yet, or if I'll make modifications to the next ribbon of colour.

Note to self: each strip is 30 stitches wide, on 4.00mm needles and boringly dull garter stitch throughout. Not that the knitting garter stitch is boring, just the end result is very plain. There are no real challenges involved in the making of these. Year 3s could do this.

They're random acts of colour in yarn. I've knitted each end to be a casing, ie, they're threaded onto an old broom handle at the moment. The bottom casings haven't been put to use yet. I may well hang something soft and safe or small on each end. - maybe pompoms would be suitably silly!! Anything heavy and hard (was originally thinking of little brass bells) runs the risk of being blown around and may whack someone. So, in keeping with my Yarnbombing 101 guidelines, risk management is a consideration in even fun and farcical things like knit graffiti, aka, yarnbombs.

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