Friday, October 22, 2010

Yarnbombing 101

Been thinking about doing some more yarnbombing and getting some projects going in the near future, maybe for the upcoming Beaufort Street Festival on 27th Nov, 2010. And I've been thinking (probably too much) 'cause I jotted down some notes, which are the start of Yarnbombing 101.

Yarnbombing planning and guidelines:

1. Should not be a health or safety risk

2. Plan yarnbombing item to suit location and target; reference to a locality or event

3. Reccy the location for appropriate targets; measure and photograph for later reference

4. Consider the yarnbomb's colours: is there a corporate sponsorship element to be considered; is there a colour theme of an event/locality that could be referenced?

5. If yarnbomb is to be located at low height, keep in mind the dog pee factor

6. Is there tourism potential, ie The Tag’s Travels – pics of it at different sites

7. Tagging the yarnbomb is optional: laminate tag for durability, if desired; a message or quote could be added for whimsy or could be the sole purpose of the yarnbomb, ie, to deliver a message/theme

8. Sustainability:
  • can the yarnbomb item have a second life? ie. can it be a useful item: mobile phone holder, scarf, hat, beanie, headband, cowl, pair of wrist warmers, cuffs, blanket, toy, flower? (Perhaps no balaclavas!) Can homeless folk get some use out of it?
  • consider using upcycled yarn from repurposed knitted items, or get into decluttering and trash that yarn stash!
9. Aim to draw smiles, whether joyful, humorous or wry, and remember that art is not what it looks like but what it does for you.