Sunday, March 20, 2011

Car antenna sock - yarnbomb

This is the second car antenna sock I've done - a simple French spool knit, you know, the hollow cotton reel with the four nails in the top type thing and you wrap the yarn around and loop it over the nails and it forms a cord? Google it, you'll find something out there. You can get the little spool doll things in department stores such as Big W and K-Mart here in Australia and they're only about $5 or so.

This fun little project is a mix of yarnbombing (on my own old bomb of a car), and an aide-mémoire , ie, an Alzheimer's car antenna sock sort of thing. It means it's very, very easy to spot my car in a shopping centre car park! No stresses when I come out that supermarket door and try to remember where the heck the car is parked, let alone what my car looks like.

Memory is one of the things that gets pretty badly stuffed when you suffer from a depressive illness, so this is my fight back. And it works on all fronts.

On the more creative yarnbombing side, though, I'd just love to install a heap of bright coloured car antenna socks on a row of cars one day, maybe at a festival or some other excuse. I also think these would be fun for footy fanatics - can't you just see team colours flaunted on cars in the form of a knitted antenna sock!

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