Saturday, June 11, 2011

Oh, sadness!

Update: after installing four bollard socks on the main foreshore car park areas and paths in Rockingham this morning, I've gone back a few hours later, just 'cause I had a funny feeling ...

... and yes, sure enough, each one has gone. That was a short life span :(

Logical analysis:
1. if members of the public have removed them opportunistically, GREAT!! So pleased that they've caught their eye. I hope these pieces of yarn graffiti turn up elsewhere sometime.

2. if local authorities have removed them, then how interesting! And fast work too!

My next bollard sock installation project might have to take a different tack. I may need to dust off my surveillance op's training to see who is following so quickly behind me to remove this offensive public knitting!

OR ... if Rockingham doesn't like escaped knitting, other places might.

1 comment:

  1. Oh my goodness...another local knit-wit! Saw you in the local paper(well read of you lol)and was very excited to find some-one else a bit er like me!
    I've also been knitting forever and have grandchildren in this area, (Safety Bay/Shoalwater)
    I belong to the Down The Earth forum where we strive for a simpler life and make much from scratch, meals, soap, frugal ideas, clothing, gardens might just like that contact with ppl with similar ideals.

    Love all the local photos too and will be watching for more. Well done,