Thursday, June 10, 2010

Toodyay's Pitwillow Alpaca

Heavenly yarn, beautifully spun, interesting way it's been dyed - sort of mottley and it works well.

I have a sister up in Toodyay who's just too good to write about. She's just an incredibly lovely person and I wouldn't know where to begin, so I won't ... except that for my last birthday she lavished me with Pitwillow alpaca from the shop in Toodyay. I swear she must have cleaned them out, 'cause it's all down here with me now.

I wanted to get a bit of practice in before I put the Pitwillow onto my pointy sticks 'cause I didn't want to stuff it up. So I've made many fingerless gloves (FGs) in the last few weeks, given a bundle to the Guardian Angel/Salvo's program, sent some off as gifts to special people, and have stashed some in my new shop.

This pair: long tail cast on, used my favourite Addi bamboo 4.00mm circulars which are essential for slippery yarns, and a near jogless cast off at the end. Result: yep, okay, I'm happy.

Finished them last night, washed and dried them today, and they've gone in the post, on their way back to Toodyay.

Done :)

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